Berry Trails – Paradise Awaits

If you need to find apartments in north dallas tx, Berry Trails is one of the first places that you should check out. Located in the far north section of Dallas, just off the Dallas North Tollway is a place that you are sure to find accommodating. Berry Trails is a newly renovated complex that offers four different floor plans for you to choose from. The units are all one bedroom apartments, ranging in size from 672 square feet to 1252 square feet. For rent, some of the plans will run you approximately $700 per month. The larger apartments can cost up to $1100 for each month. According to the floor plan that you choose, your deposit may be $100 or $200.

One useful feature of these apartments is the enclosed balconies...

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Tips for Selecting a Washer and Dryer for your Apartment

So you have moved into your new place. The data given below is provided to help you in choosing the right washer and dryer to suit your particular needs. Finding a washer and dryer does not have to be a complicated process. Well, that is, as long as you follow some basic tips.

Decide first whether you need a gas or electric washer. This decision depends on whether or not a gas line already installed in your apartment. In some locations, electricity costs more than gas. On the other hand, if a gas line is not already installed, it may be a bit expensive to get one in. Therefore, if you already have a gas line, and gas is cheaper than electricity where you live, then go for a gas washer/dryer. If your situation is the opposite, then an electric washer/dryer may be best.

Consider the amount o...

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The Glass House by Windsor is Your Dream Apartment

Do your Craigslist search, and you will find many apartments for rent in North Dallas. Here we will look at one of the most luxurious apartment complexes that Dallas has to offer – The Glass House by Windsor. This expansive complex has many floor plans for you to choose from, and you will be sure to get a piece that matches your needs and taste. Apartments are of varying sizes and are suited to corporate clients. In this regard, corporate billing is welcome.

Let us begin by mentioning the impressive infinity pool that is at the Glass House. Words simply will not do it justice. You have to visit an experienced one; its breath-taking splendor. Each of these apartments is energy efficient, as the management seeks to promote a green lifestyle...

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Have a Grand Time at the Grand Seasons

In your search for one or two bedroom apartments, look no further than the Grand Seasons. This apartment complex is located on Beltline Road in Dallas. If you are seeking to find corporate housing, then this location will be sure to appeal to you. The Grand Seasons has a business center available, where you can get much of your company needs getting completed. You will love the fact that a conference room is available for you to use for your meetings. Additionally, a laundry facility is present for people who are always on the go. Take advantage of the fitness center as well, and keep in shape. In any location you are on the property, you will also have access to high-speed internet. There are many more features and amenities that you will find appealing. We detail a few of them here.

If y...

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All about Dallas

A settlement named Dallas was established in 1841 by John Neely Bryan. It was not until 1856, however that the area was officially incorporated as a city. Since then Dallas has grown as a center for business and trading. Workers flocked to the city, and the economy began to increase. Almost all the town’s architecture is from the postmodernist era.

The city of Dallas is one of the largest in the United States. It is the 3rd town in terms of area in Texas and the ninth largest in the country. Estimates place the population at over 1.2 million persons. Nowadays, the economy of the city is one of the strongest when it comes to employment, and is now the fourth largest employer in the United States. Much of the economy is based on banking, commerce, and logistics...

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